Authentic Life Stories of a Single Mom

Welcome to my world of chaos and beauty in darkness.

Perhaps we will be able to relate,

perhaps not.

Perhaps my journey will inspire you on yours.

Or, it will simply show you a glimpse to an alternative side of a little discussed segment of society-

Single moms.

Perhaps you will find yourself glued reading.

Perhaps you will find yourself cringing.

Perhaps you will find yourself judging.

Perhaps you will find yourself applauding.

But, unless you are a single mother yourself,

your opinion of my life is not my concern.

Feel free to bring the onslaught of criticism-

My skin is quite thick.

And, there is not much one could say that I have not criticized myself for already.

My concern, is addressing the taboo,

the undiscussed,

the hidden life,

of being a single mother.

My motivation,

is empowering you,

the single mother,

to move beyond the expectations of society,

move beyond your inner critic,

beyond your self doubt,

into a place of freedom and strength,

in the chaos.

And, if my journey assists you in strengthening within in the slightest of ways,

I will call this blog a success.

Even if it strengthens only one of you.

I am intentionally crass and vulgar at times.

If you are a single mother,

well, you are fully aware of the crassness of our lives-

whether admitted, or not.

And, vulgarity is a fine honed machete

that cuts through bullshit facades of wishy washy daydreaming,

slices through the voided darkness of seeking and waiting,

for the “right one” to come rescue you.

There is no outside rescue for our lives.

There is not a man,

or support system,

that will save you.

Rescue comes from within.

This is my story of saving myself.




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